Downtown events attract crowds, hurt businesses - KCCI Des Moines

posted on 08 Aug 2015 10:21 by purpleplaster5235
It can always be quite difficult when you're trying to perform business.

City councilman member Chris Coleman said, "It's a slippery slope.

Klein just isn't alone. Restaurants particularly glance in the impact.

While downtown events, like 80-35 as well as the Des Moines Arts Festival, attract huge crowds through throughout the state, companies say there exists a negative impact as well.

The events close streets for several days ahead of time in order to set up, which usually keeps clients away.

"Streets tend to be closed," mentioned Jessica Dunker, chief executive officer with the Iowa Restaurant Association.

"They may shut your whole street off. "They closed to obtain a lengthy time. they could put something in front of your business, as well as you have zero say, whatsoever," Klein said.

She mentioned it's challenging to operate a new business 365 days a year inside a neighborhood that pays a lot focus on folks who are within city regarding only a few days a year.

The 515 music Festival ended up being previously held inside the East Village until business owners told the city your event, in supplement to others, were causing huge problems.. That's that which in turn you must tighten down."

With the actual 515 Alive Songs Festival getting held at Western Gateway Park, Doug Klein, owner involving American Dream Machines, mentioned he's thinking of pulling up stakes and also leaving.


"I'm contemplating extremely seriously obtaining an additional area regarding my business, simply because if an event may can end up being discovered in here together with metropolis blessing and also completely block all my parking, I can be anywhere," he said.

Klein mentioned during the Des Moines Arts Festival, his shop has been surrounded by food stands, trucks along with toilets.

"The East Village declaring 'the events must go,' that was any catalyst pertaining to improvement," stated Chrissy Jensen, owner involving Domestica. "The method things are working isn't working. Individuals do not necessarily understand where to park, the means to find around. Today we need the roads closed Friday, Thursday as well as Wednesday, and that will turns the a couple of day festival in in order to a five days 'out involving business' pertaining to some of those people. I believe which was kind of a jumping off point."

Coleman advised KCCI your council wants to offer clearer direction to become able to those who operate events and also these inside the actual city who regulate them